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    In physics, a beat wave is produced when two waves with slightly different frequencies converge.

    In marketing, Beatwave is the result achieved when a diverse group of high-quality specialists work together as a team to produce an irresistible wave of communications.

    As a ‘virtual’ resource, Beatwave has all the elements of a regular advertising agency – as well as some even the biggest don’t have – minus the bricks, mortar and associated overheads.

    All of which just leaves you with the most valuable assets: people.

    In our case, that means people who’ve made successful careers out of making brands successful, both in Australia and overseas.

    People who are self-motivated, self-employed and self-disciplined, with experience you can draw on for a result you can count on.

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    • Lyndon Punshon
    • Phone: 0417826284
    • Fax: (08) 85368186
    • PO Box 241
      South Australia
  • Retail

    At Codan Limited (ASX:CDA) we use technology to solve communications, safety, security and productivity problems in the harshest environments on earth.

    Founded in 1959 in Adelaide, South Australia, we’ve since expanded to have a truly global footprint, with offices in the US, Canada, Ireland, UAE, South Africa and China. Our customers include some of the world’s largest and best aid and humanitarian organisations, mining companies, security and military groups and governments.

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  • IT & Communications

    Enrite Solutions is a South Australian based organisation that develops software using Cloud Computing technology.

    We use, the leading Cloud Software Development Platform, to build CRM solutions and custom software applications for our clients.

    This technology provides us with the capability to develop custom software applications faster and cheaper than using traditional technology, plus we can make them instantly mobile.

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    • Contact Details
    • Ian Jenkins
    • Phone: (08) 8127 9713
    • Level 5, 70 Pirie Street
      Adelaide, South Australia 5000
  • Web Design

    Identiti Web Development is an Adelaide-based Australian web design and web development company dedicated to designing, developing and delivering uniquely fresh and exciting websites to any person or business.

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    Car 123, SA Variety Bash

  • Media / Publication

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    • Neil Smith
    • Phone: 893908565
    • 217 Gover Street
      North Adelaide