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Variety – the Children’s Charity SA is an ‘umbrella’ children’s charity.

It is a professionally run, international organisation dedicated to inspiring hope and enriching the lives of children in need under the age of 18. 95% of all money raised in South Australia is allocated to projects within the state. Variety helps all children; both directly and through numerous other service providers. Absolutely ANYONE can apply for funds, from an individual to an already widely know charity like Royal Flying Doctors Service or Novita and major facilities like Flinders Medical Centre and Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

To find out more about Variety SA, please head over to our website.

The Variety Business Directory

What better way to say thank you to those people who donate their time, money and effort to children in need throughout the country, than to support their businesses.

All Variety Business Directory members offering goods and services are involved with Variety in one capacity or another, either as a Sponsor, Member, Volunteer, Event organiser, Fundraiser or a participant in the Bash, 4WD challenge or V2 – or in some cases all of the above!

This directory offers you the opportunity to support those who support Variety.

Using the directory is easy! Just click on Business up the top or use the menu on the right!

Identiti Web Development

Identiti Web Development is an Adelaide-based Australian web design and web development company dedicated to designing, developing and delivering uniquely fresh and exciting websites to any person or business.

Identiti is affiliated with Variety SA through the SA Variety Bash. Owner, Josh, is Yoshi from Variety Bash Car 123! Click here to head over to 123’s website and see more about the youngest crew in the SA Variety Bash.

Click here to read more about Identiti Web Development or click here to see Identiti Web Development on the business directory.