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  • Advertising, Marketing & PR

    Business Networking in Adelaide
    100% Free to Join
    A chance to meet new people in Adelaide
    Regular free to attend network events
    Business industries from all over Adelaide
    Fun and social events where it’s NOT all about business

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  • Web Design

    In physics, a beat wave is produced when two waves with slightly different frequencies converge.

    In marketing, Beatwave is the result achieved when a diverse group of high-quality specialists work together as a team to produce an irresistible wave of communications.

    As a ‘virtual’ resource, Beatwave has all the elements of a regular advertising agency – as well as some even the biggest don’t have – minus the bricks, mortar and associated overheads.

    All of which just leaves you with the most valuable assets: people.

    In our case, that means people who’ve made successful careers out of making brands successful, both in Australia and overseas.

    People who are self-motivated, self-employed and self-disciplined, with experience you can draw on for a result you can count on.

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    • Contact Details
    • Lyndon Punshon
    • Phone: 0417826284
    • Fax: (08) 85368186
    • PO Box 241 Highgate South Australia 5063
  • Web Design

    If your business is not yet everything you want it to be, take heart.

    Whether you’re operating a large, complex business or a sole proprietorship, growth is not easy.

    Particularly when you’re doing everything yourself!

    Consider: What is going to grow your business, most effectively, efficiently, professionally and afford-ably?

    Where do you start? What should you focus on? You might already know. In which case we have the solutions for you, right here at your fingertips.

    If you’re not sure – and particularly if you’re without an in-house marketing department, you need sensible and realistic advice.

    The team at Diva Marketing Solutions can help you with that, so you know where to start!

    Headed by Leonie Hunt, a business woman with over 25 years sales, marketing and management experience – the Diva team provide a range of services to match your exact requirements for optimum growth of your business.

    Leonie is expert in making it all make sense, so get in touch with Leonie today, for an obligation-free discussion on how best to grow your business.

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  • Printing

    Digital Printing Specialists

    • Contact Details
    • Jason Gentle
    • Phone: (08) 8221 5666
    • Adelaide Office 260 Wright St, Adelaide 5000
    • [email protected]
  • Printing

    Range of specialised signage solutions

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    • Contact Details
    • Heather & Barrie Pinder
    • Phone: (08) 83424000
    • 212 Churchill Rd Prospect SA 5082
  • Advertising, Marketing & PR

    Communications and Public Relations

    • Contact Details
    • Nicole Haack
    • Phone: 84187500
    • Fax: 84187599
    • Level 2, 70 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000